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Reviewed on: April 15,2016

I received a letter and it wasn't from my fiancé, it was from another inmate, what do you think could be going on?

I wrote a letter to my fiancé and asked to write me something dirty. A few days later I received a letter and it wasn't' from my fiancé, now I haven't received anything from my fiance since I questioned him about it. Is he even receiving my mail anymore?

Asked: March 18,2016
Ask the inmate answer
It could be that your inmate either lost your letter or simply gave it to another inmate who took it upon themselves to write something dirty. Mail is sacred in prison and inmates always receive theirs unless your inmate is having their mail hijacked by another inmate. We can't give you a "for sure" answer on what's going on, but we are more suspicious of your fiance acting out against you (for whatever reason) and we'd look to him to see why he is acting this way.
Accepted Answer Date Created: March 19,2016

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