Reviewed on: March 04,2022

i sent a letter through here. how long will it take to reach them? do they need money to respond? how do i add the money for them if they do need funds to respond?

Asked: February 09,2022
Ask the inmate answer

1. It takes 2-5 days to reach the mailroom. Each mailroom supervisor does the mail distribution their own way. This could add a couple more days to the delivery

2. A stamp is the only cost to the inmate

3. If the inmate responds to the return address on the letter, it comes to the corporate offices of InmateAid in Florida. We can the entire letter into a .pdf document and add it to your account. You will be notified that there is a "Letter from an Inmate" in your account dashboard. The cost to retrieve the letter is $1.49


Accepted Answer Date Created: February 10,2022

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