Reviewed on: June 08,2016

What is RHU Pod and are the inmates allow the same rights as everyone else?

What is RHU Pod and are the inmates allow the same "rights" as every one else? Also I received a call from my inmate, but was unable to respond due to lack of funds. When I put money in the account I try to leave a message, but got told very rudely that " If he/she wants to talk to you they will call back when allowed".

Asked: June 07,2016
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Restricted Housing Unit (RHU) blocks are isolation cells where the movement and the privileges are severely restricted. The Unit is used for administrative segregation or disciplinary segregation - inmates remain in their one or two-man cells virtually 24 hours a day. When taken from the cell, the inmate remains completely shackled at all times. The inmate is limited to 3 days of a one-hour recreation time in an outdoor cage. Only three showers per week. The inmate is also restricted to a one 15-minute phone call per week and a limited commissary menu. Inmates are allowed to write and send mail as well as receiving as much mail that comes in like letters, photos, magazines, books and newspapers.
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