Reviewed on: October 07,2015

i was looking for my inmate on the list but he isn't there yet. how long does it take to get on the list o i can have his inmate number? Also i want to just write him, how would i address the letter? does it need his inmate number on it?

Asked: May 13,2013
Ask the inmate answer
You have registered as a user, but you need to register your inmate here, too for them to appear in our listing. If you do not have their number, give us the information and we will try to locate as much information as we can for you. Full name, DOB and state would help.  Once you have this set up in the system, when you use our letter writing service, we do all of the addressing to the prison with their number. All you have to do is include the love!.
Accepted Answer Date Created: May 14,2013

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