Reviewed on: May 06,2018

If I send an inmate an online letter via InmateAID, does the inmate get the letter regardless of where they might be? My friend is getting transferred to a different facility.

Asked: May 03,2018
Ask the inmate answer

The facilities only forward the mail if the inmate is in the same system, like if they are in federal and get shipped to another federal facility in a different state... that mail WILL get to your inmate, eventually. Same with the state system. Where mail will NOT get forwarded is if the inmate is moving between systems. County jail to county jail the mail will never get there (InmateAid will resend it for you for no charge, just let us know). County to federal or county to state, the mail will need to be resent. If InmateAid is doing it, it's free!

Accepted Answer Date Created: May 04,2018

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