Reviewed on: May 22,2016

Is a probation violation a separate charge

My inmates name and temporary place of residence (lol) is Michael Guerra-Waukegan Jail, Lake county Il. He is on probation and was picked up on new charges in April and also had a warrant out and has a P.O. Hold. The new charges and case has been closed and last week he went to court to waive extradition. It shows that he has another court date on June 1st. I would like to know why the new court date shouldn't he be getting transferred to Kenosha County Jail for his warrant and the P.O. Hold on him? I would also like to put money on his commissary but I'm not sure where to send it if he is going to be transferred to Kenosha. Please help! Also thanks in advance for your help.

Asked: May 21,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Funds can be deposited in your inmate's commissary account for the Kenosha County Jail WI 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at The real issue is the probation violation. We think your unknown court date might have some relation to the VOP. that a probation violation hearing has different standards and process than an underlying criminal charge. Probation cannot be revoked for receiving a new charge, the violation process begins after the new charge. Ther will be a hearing on the violation of probation in which the prosecution has to prove the new offense or other basis for the violation.
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