Reviewed on: September 21,2019

If someone is in county jail how do I know if they have money for phone calls? Can they call me and I accept charges or do they have to have money in order to call?

Asked: September 19,2019
Ask the inmate answer

The inmate either needs money on their books to make an outbound call, or they can make a collect call (the MOST expensive way to the recipient) OR someone on the outside can arrange to place money at the phone carrier (called Advance Pay). The third option normally has two pricing tiers and this is where InmateAid can make a substantial difference. Some pre-paid calls are as much as $15-20 per 15-minutes, InmateAid can get the same call for $3.00 or less. Click here to check it out, or email us ( your the name of your inmate's facility and your current phone number and we will give you an honest estimate before purchasing.

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 21,2019

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