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Reviewed on: July 28,2016

If someone was convicted of manslaughter (hawaii) and was given an open 20, what does that mean? I heard a lawyer saying that means the inmate will probably be out in 4-6 ? Is that accurate? He's serving at saguaro in Arizona. His scheduled release date is 8/9/2033. He's served about 3 years already. When is the earliest he could get parole? A6032002 is his inmate I'd # idk if you need his name but A. Gambsky

Asked: July 27,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The lawyer would know better becasue they have access to the Judgement and Commitment document that is signed by the judge. The parole stipulations are on there as well. We think the lawyer might be telling you that your loved one will get a parole hearing in 4-6 years. The release date is if he is never granted parole.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 28,2016

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