Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Hi My boyfriend just got sent to Jackson. He was sentenced to four years. They gave him a Max release date of August 29, 2016. He was put on probation August 29,2012. He has been locked up since 12-15-14. They told him they were gonna give him time served since August 30,2012 and According to him he said that means he has already served most of his time and will be getting released in 4 to 6 weeks. That they won't keep him till August 29, 2016 his Max release date. Could you please help me understand this a little better because I'm thinking he has to do 1 year and then he will get out but he is saying no the DA and the court said he would get 4 to 6 weeks he just had to get put into the system.

Asked: September 26,2015
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Please explain - Put on probation in 2012, been locked up since 2014 - time served since 2012 ??  This does not make sense to us - clearly he is not getting time served as he is still incarcerated. If he really got time-served he would not be incarcerated. Based on what we know, if your inmate has a release date of 8-29-2016 - "good time" credits earned in most cases is about 10-15% available without any incident reports.  A 48 month sentence with good time would put him in the seven month range of time off. If this is remotely true, the best case for release is February 2016. But, we are not certain that we are basing this on all of the facts so if you have a more detailed idea of what transpired.
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