Reviewed on: April 22,2022

Is it easy for men and women residents to hook up at co ed halfway house?

Asked: April 15,2022
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, there is minimal supervision, the doors do not lock and you are not confined to the indoors, so the possibility exists

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 16,2022

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I met a man while he was in his last year of a 20 year sentence. He didn't want to do his time with a woman so I was the only one that he had connected with during his time. I fell for him and he broke up with me saying he wants to still be friends and build a foundation for when he gets out. Nothing really changed except there was no longer a commitment and he wasn't as verbally affectionate. He's out now and in hwh. First few weeks we're great then he started work and quickly he began alienating me. His family pulls him in many he's he's getting ready to get out of hwh and he said to let him be him and do him for awhile. He won't call or answer text..I don't know what to think
this happens a lot more than you think. they rely on you when locked up but as soon as they can ramble, they ramble away...