Reviewed on: February 10,2019

Is there a such thing in Bradford county correctional facility unlimited calls for a monthly charge?

Asked: February 09,2019
Ask the inmate answer

No, absolutely not! The company that claims that is simply taking your money. The ONLY way to get a discounted call, is to have a phone number matched to the lowest rate that the phone carrier at the correctional facility has a contract with. Bradford County Correctional in Troy PA uses a company called Global*Tel Link (not to be confused with the company with a similar sounding name Globaltel) and all calls must go through them and pay them directly. No one else can facilitate the calls but them.

You can go to the correct site at and use their rate calculator to see prices, OR you could email us your telephone number at We will run the rates on their site and let you know before spending any money whether you are at the lowest rate or if a discount line would save you money. In most cases with GTL, we can save about $3.00 per call but NOTHING is unlimited. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: February 10,2019