Reviewed on: October 06,2016

I have a family member that I want to be able to call me but that $15.00 per call gets expensive. How does this work?

So, if using the inmate aid phone calling cost of $19.95 for the 300 minutes monthly. Is it cheaper or do you pay more. It also mentions something about still having to pay the prison local costs. I have a family member and was needing to set up for him to be able to call me but that $15.00 per call gets expensive. I'm not working and my mom has been helping me with the payment to receive a call. But, there's someone else that calls my middle son from the same facility. She got transferred there, first. Please, I hope you can help me.

Asked: September 24,2016
Ask the inmate answer

The service is not a replacement for the service at the jail or prison. We get you a telephone number that will make the calls at the carrier's lowest rate. For instance, if you only pay $1.65 for a local call, the savings on ONE call is almost our entire monthly fee. Two call and the savings exceed the cost of our service. Our service is for people that want to speak often to their inmate. A daily savings of $13.00 adds up to almost $400 over a 30 day period. This is why people use this service and LOVE it!

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