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My fiance is at coffee creek correctional facility in wilsonville OR I live in Eugene OR he calls me about 2-3 times a day normally one of them lasts about 20 min I've spent over $100 in less than a month step by step how would I use this and is it going to save me money in the long run also is there anything I need him to do I want to do this all at once and have it work successful I'm a single mom of two boys barely making it I can't afford to waste money and have it not work. Sorry so long thanks for your Time.

Asked: October 04, 2015
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The phone service at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is set up through bid process covering all of the Oregon DOC facilities. Telmate has the contract for all inmate outbound calling and to tape record the calls. Therefore, you have to use them to receive calls - they are the only provider. The choice is whether you pay Telmate for a long distance call (to Eugene) or a local call (to a number we would provision you). Here is how it works... We get you a local line matching the rate center of Wilsonville OR. Your inmate dials this local number and it will ring on your current phone. You will need to register the local number with TelmateĀ (just like you would your long distance number without our service) who will charge you only for the local call.Another avenue to take is have your inmate buy calling cards from the commissary, you will not need to go online and set this up, the inmate can dial the local number direct with the card. InmateAid takes care of the long distance portion of the call. In general, their price for an intrastate long distance call ranges from $4-8 per call. With your new local number, they about $1.50 per call- flat rate. The savings difference in the two call prices pays for our service in a few calls.
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