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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Is there anyway my husband can come home earlier then two years?

Asked: December 03,2014
Ask the inmate answer
The short answer is probably "no". There are certain circumstances and situations where an inmate can receive a reduction in their sentence. However, these are very rare and in most of these cases will require your inmate providing substantial assistance to the government where they would be able to use this information to prosecute and sentence another party. An inmate with a two year sentence should not consider this avenue on a number of fronts. Most inmates service about 85% of their sentence. There are reductions for drug program participation in some jurisdictions and reductions in some state systems for working in the kitchen. There are also reductions for inmates who are in overcrowded prisons and their crime is considered first-time non-violent. But, all of these situations are not the norm. You inmate and you should prepare for the worst case scenario and if there are programs available definitely pursue it.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 04,2014