Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Is this phone service better and cheaper than offender connect?

Asked: July 19,2014
Ask the inmate answer
The phone service is used in conjunction with Global Tel (GTL) also known as Here is how it works... We get you a local line matching the rate center of the prison your inmate is in. Your inmate dials this local number and it will ring on your current phone. You will need to register the local number with GTL (just like you would your long distance number without our service) who will charge you only for the local call. InmateAid takes care of the long distance portion of the call which comes to about 6.6 cents per minute. In general, their price for an intra-state long distance call ranges from $5-8 per call or interstate long distance which is as costly as $15-18 per call. With the local number, they only charge about $2.00 flat rate. The difference in two call prices is why people use the service.
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