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Reviewed on: July 14,2016

My boyfriend is currently on parole and was picked up for failure to change address. Now he's waiting to see the parole board. He's off parole in April, what can be the outcome of this

Asked: July 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Violations are especially tough to figure out what the outcome will be. Oftentimes we are asked about situations but are only provided a fraction of the story (maybe that is all they knew). But if he failed to notify his probation officer that he changed residence, it will be up to a judge (or the board) to decide what the punishment (if any will be). The PO violated him and will put up a strong case for incarceration - this is what they do. If he's off parole in April, the worst case scenario is going back until April when it expires. The best case would be a lecture and back to work wishes by the judge. Unless there is a whole other set of reasons you aren't aware of, we think the judge will be lenient.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 14,2016

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