Reviewed on: January 08,2016

My husband was given ISF time for tech parole violation. Decision made 9/17. He arrived at ETTC. On 9/23. He was told he was on a fast track with est 45-60 to work program. He has a confirmed release address, confirmed parole plan. On 10/30 he completed program n was given a certificate of completiion. He still waiting for release. Tdcj status line for ISF. Says it can take up to 6 Mos or more to get release. Really??? He was sentenced to 60-90 days he was told he on fast track he already completed program. How long is reasonable to think he will get out? He not had no behavior problems while there. His counselor told him he go home in a week that was 2 weeks ago.

Asked: November 12,2015
Ask the inmate answer
There is something about your question that is not right. If there is a release date, they must release the inmate within that date, period. Your inmate might not have the story straight either. You can go on the TDCJ website and see for yourself what the REAL release date is. Rest assured, that the date that is on the official release papers is the date he will be released.
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 13,2015

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