Reviewed on: August 29,2016

My boyfriend is in Amador county for violation probation. His two daughter are taken by CPS. I received his mail from dept. Of social services. He has bunch of important forms that he needs to fill out regarding Indian Heritage, medication form, statement about medicine prescribed, physician's request to continue medication and an info of a new medication that he needs approve or not approve for his daughter to continue. He also needs to fill out the forms for court to know his reason. I need to know if they can give me an extra time to visit him so i can help him fill out the all forms cause these are all needs to be turn on his court date? I also need to know how to handle it?

Asked: August 27, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
For the reasons suggested, we think you might qualify for a "special visit". This is granted by the warder, but in times of human compassion or where medical treatment is necessary, the people that run these institutions are fair and humane.
Accepted Answer Date Created: August 28,2016

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