Reviewed on: December 24,2015

My daughter was arrested on 12/14/2015 for possession of cds and bail set for $250,000 then she went to court 12/22/2015 and the charge was changed to endeavoring/ conspiracy to deliver/ manufacture/ possess cds a d bail raised to the unbelievable sum of 1.75 million???? she is in the Elk city Oklahoma, Beckham county jail. She's also 6 months pregnant. She was living in the home with her friend and friends boyfriend who had the drugs.

Asked: December 24, 2015
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She will be safe there. Three square meals and the opportunity to get clean for her baby. If her boyfriend is the one with the drugs, she better start speaking up before he does and blames it all on her. $1.75 million is a MAJOR CRIME. This is no joke and she is looking at some serious time if she doesn't get to the prosecutor before the boyfriend does. First one to make a deal does the least amount of time.
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