Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My friend at the safety center has aquired a hernia during his stay there. It happened when he jumped from the to top bunk to the floor. He says he has been denied health care for it as it continues to get worse. He is in pain and now its serious medical situation. Doesn't the center have an obligation to help him especially since the accident was their fault due to the tall bunk beds. People have died from hernia complications. Someone told me to call 911 and tell them where he is at so they will go pick him up this a good idea. Will they pick him up?

Asked: February 04, 2015
Ask the inmate answer
Calling 911 is not the brightest idea. There is no access for the ambulance to get to an inmate unless the prison calls them first. There is capable medical attention in all of the facilities. The process is that there are a few days set aside when a doctor comes into the facility to see inmates on a "call out" basis. If your inmate has an issue, he needs to fill out a form and give it to the counselor to be placed on the call out list for an examination. If it is determined that your inmate has a hernia, they will make arrangements for him to get it surgically repaired.
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