Reviewed on: January 24,2017

How can I help my inmate get better medical treatment

My boyfriend is currently incarcerated and not receiving, what I believe to be appropriate medical attention, for a potentially serious health issue. What does "adequate" health services entail, and who do I get in contact with to advocate for him?

Asked: January 12,2017
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAID Rule Number One: don't get sick in prison. The hardest part to get used to is that we consider to be appropriate and what they deem to be appropriate. Medical attention in prison is not great. You can certainly become an advocate by contacting the lower chains to see if you can get some empathy from a counselor or case manager. The next level would be the chaplain and then up to the Assistant Warden and then Warden. The problem with advocacy is that the staff is somewhat impervious to the outside forces that normally would move things along. Outside influence sometimes works the opposite as far as them singling out the inmate as a problem. Just be humble in your approach, any other method is going to fall on deaf ears.

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