Reviewed on: April 01,2019

My husband got 5 years for hibitual flea enlude he does not work but is on disability. Would he have a chance to do the home incarceration? If so, how Would i help him start the process. How does the approval work?

Asked: March 31,2019
Ask the inmate answer

If your husband is a habitual offender or had attempted to flee from arrest or detainment in the past, it is highly unlikely that he will get any home confinement. Being on disability will not get him any leeway or consideration for early release. He can earn work release or early release by being a perfect inmate. No mischief, no incident reports, no problems for the staff would put him in position for consideration IF there is a chance at some perk offered well-behaved inmates.

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 01,2019