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My husband got accepted in the RDAP program. What happens now?

My husband got accepted in the RDAP program. What happens now? What is the RDAP like, what is like the daily schedule?  What will he get out of it other than time off? Is it true that most people only get 7 months off? Please help!

Asked: August 27, 2013
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RDAP accepts an inmate into the program but will not be enrolled until he is in the final 27 months of his sentence. The program is 9 months, he will live in a separate RDAP housing unit, wear a yellow belt and be expected to abide by every BOP rule. He will have to work on himself in front of the counselors and his peers. He will have to speak in front of people and give details of his dependency/abuse and who in his life it has affected besides himself. He cannot break any rules or he will get kicked out of the program - they love to make examples out of screw-ups. Depending on the length of the overall sentence, the time off is 12 months. People that get only 7 months mean one of two things, either they have a shorter sentence which gives less time off, OR it's so crowded that they cannot get the inmates into the program at 27 months. RDAP also "guarantees" 6 months of halfway house. During that time he must attend TDAP which is mandatory "after care"- twice a week for the entire 6 months. Miss one of these meetings and you must finish the last 18 months back in the prison.

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