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Reviewed on: June 15,2021

My husband has never been to prison before , what can he expect at the camp when he goes in and can I go in with him when he first gets there .

Asked: April 21,2021
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Camp is the easiest time to do, but make no mistake it is still a federal prison. But, there are no cells, no bars, no fences to speak of. The inmates live in barracks-type dormitories where there are rows of bunk beds each separated by lockers. In Miami camp (where I was for over 5 years), there are four buildings that hold 100 inmates in each building. All inmates must have a job. It's not backbreaking work, but mainly support service for the camp, i.e. cleaning the barracks and bathrooms, serving the food, maintaining the commissary, education, the chapel, the recreation room, the weight pile, landscaping... the main problem for an inmate is boredom. You wake up each morning like it's the movie "Groundhog Day". Everything is the same so you come to create a routine that gets you through the day. The job actually helps with that. Camps have walking tracks, racquetball, softball field, weight pile, any televisions to watch typical cable shows. He will be homesick and depressed and have a vivid imagination about what you are doing (and with whom), so don't be surprised when some of the phone calls are heated in the beginning.

If he minds his business and quietly does his time, no one will bother him. No one wants to be there a minute longer than they have to. If he follows the implicit directs of his case manager, he will be home before you know it and this will be just one ugly chapter in a book filled with good ones!. 

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