Reviewed on: May 16,2016

My husband hasn't written in a long time, what could be the reason?

My husband and i have been together for 11 year's and have 3 beautiful children. But" Since he arrived at Willard campus on April 14....before he got there he already had money's added on to his account...since last weekend that he called, i haven't heard nor gotten a letter this whole week... I called to speak to a counselor. But' instead i spoke to this lady. I asked her how often are they allowed to write out letters?? Being that i hadn't heard from him in a week. Before he got to Willard he would write me everyday. she was nice but" what she said didn't make much sense to me... She said that he can write when ever he pleases , also it may take a while before he can use his money. But when inmates first get there they get $45 on their books. So at this point im worried as to why i haven't heard from him...

Asked: May 15,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Maybe there is a logical explanation, one that you should not dismiss. Inmates have no restriction on how many letters they would like to write and send. There are not many excuses for not writing outside of two broken hands and even at that, he could have someone write the letter for him to let you know everything is okay. We have written quite a lot about how inmates try to control their loved ones from the inside, imagining that you are being unfaithful. This is a "them problem". We do not know you but know you are not cheating on him - but the insecure and domineering character of some men will seek to create conflict and confusion while they're incarcerated. They will do this sort of thing over and over and when they are released, will run off - we are not hoping for this for your sake, but it seems to happen more than it should. Just be careful to protect your feelings and not spend all of your money trying to make him confortable while you struggle.
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