Reviewed on: September 15,2016

My son is serving 3 wks in the county jail and being treated like a dog, not going in detail what he supposing did but it's still no reason to be treated this way , why is that ? Also told me they hardly eat, the other day his meal was rice , peas, and a roll . No meat at all . Why ??

Asked: September 10,2016
Ask the inmate answer
THREE WEEKS!! Wow, and they are being mean? And he doesn't like the food?? Our advice is stop screwing up to the point where you end up in jail (jail, not prison YET). In three weeks he can decide if he likes being a tough guy and breaking the law, or if wants to grow up and act responsibly. Don't blame the jail, it's not a hotel.
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 11,2016

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