Reviewed on: September 05,2016

I came in contact with an inmate who was jailed in harris county jail long story short we had came across each other in the past but never talked he would come around were I used to live and tried many times to get my attention but,,, I was married so I never paid him no mind. he made it so obvious my ex would even tell me he likes you,, yes I know he had no respect for my marriage but still like I said I never paid him no mind.. but to be honest I really liked him too.. To the point were I had mindfully committed adultery yes I know my mistake and of course that was something I had left to god to deal with but I only blame my ex for that mistake but anyways, here it is now two years in contact with him thru letters and phone calls so my question is,,, he is not married but has admitted that he has a baby mama is in his life they have a two year old little girl together and he has been in each other life on and off for ten years will he continue being with her again he is not married and I'm 100 sure of that should I continue keeping in contact with him I really have strong feelings for him please help me out...

Asked: July 23, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
We would advise you to go with your feelings. You said, " I'm 100 sure of that should I continue keeping in contact with him", this is what you should do, but be mindful of the baby momma and the child. These two people will be in the picture for many, many years and you will have to accept it for your relationship with him to work. If you make that transition smooth, the rest will be a piece of cake.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 24,2016

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