Reviewed on: September 15,2016

My inmate was accused of fighting by a guard and was written up. A couple of days later was put in the hole. He is going to fight this, how should he go about doing that. As well he was denied his early release, we think because of this write up and him being put in the hole. Now if he gets this fight issues resolved and decision reversed can he really fire the NVSS Program??? ALSO why would the prison not look at the cameras before punishing my inmate?????? He is at a MCCF in Kern county California Please HELP I need my inmate Home

Asked: July 15, 2016
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Fighting normally gets all suspected participants tossed in the SHU. The SIS gets involved with their investigation. It will be thoroughly reviews, if there is a recording of the incident, you can be 100% sure that there will be a committee looking at it. They will adjust the final incident report to whatever their findings are. If he is giving an incident report for fighting, it is doubtful he would lose much if any goodtime, but it is likely that privileges will be suspended. This could include no visitation, no phone, no commissary, no work release opportunities.
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