Reviewed on: April 19,2016

Our inmate was hurt in jail, we haven't been able to visit - how do we find help?

An inmate with misdemeanor stalking charges. We have not been able to see him since his incarceration and now we find out through another source that he was hurt. This particular Sheriff has a "celebrated" Sheriff's department and it is hard to find help. We have no problem with a person serving time for their crime. We do have a problem with "black listing" and no one offering us help. -concerned family member Clayton County jail system Georgia

Asked: January 29,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Our advice is to call the facility and try to speak to the counselor first and see where that gets you. If you feel stonewalled, call the chaplain. If that gets you nowhere, you have to go to the head of the jail, whether that is the warden or a captain and express your concerns in the most humble and respectful manner. If you are convinced after trying a few people that they are not helping you get the information you seek, you might have to go to the press or speak to an elected official in your area that will be able to get answers.
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