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Reviewed on: December 08,2018

What are signs that my husband in jail is using my money to buy and sell drugs?

Asked: December 08,2018
Ask the inmate answer

One sign would be asking you to put money on another inmate's account. Another would be asking you to give money to someone on the outside for unexplained reasons. What behavior or signals are making you suspicious?

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 08,2018

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Lately he has been constantly asking for more money even though I put $30 on there every week or two. And tries to get me to send a money order to him or to a certain address. He has been making excuses of why he needs the extra money like to get a haircut or buy shampoo and stuff or to owe someone back. He went from calling me everyday to going days or a week not calling me. And when he writes me he is constantly saying how he doesn’t want that life anymore that when he gets out he promises he isn’t going to sell again and all that.
$30 is not a large amount of money. He could not buy much in the way of drugs with that. Haircuts are $3-5, shampoo, soap, some snacks... that's about all it'll buy.