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My husband was just moved to Odom Corrections I'm trying to see about how long it takes for them to be able to use the phone ?? And he buys the calls from in there so if he has to add money to phone does it go on right then??! Thank you...

Asked: November 19, 2014
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Offenders must participate in an orientation upon admission to any NCDPS facility. The department holds offenders accountable for the information presented in orientation. The department must provide orientation to newly-committed offenders within the first 28 days of admission. Once the orientation is complete, the inmate can get their phone list approved for outbound calls. Local calls will be a flat rate of $1.25. All long distance calls will be a flat rate of $3.40. You can fund it through a company called Global Tel*Link. If you are local, the cost is reasonable, if you are long distance, we can save you the difference. If you are going to talk to your inmate more than twice a week for any period of time, you really should set up a Discount Telephone Line with InmateAid. Email us for details at
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