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Reviewed on: February 18,2016

What are the Probation Detention Centers (PDC) in Georgia like?

How is this McEver facility, is it really strict and do they have any down time or is it work then right to lock down? How do you know when someone added money for you to use the phone?

Asked: February 10,2016
Ask the inmate answer
All of the Probation Detention Centers in Georgia are minimum security facilities provided for the housing probationers. Offenders may be sent there directly from sentencing, or sent there if they have proven an inability to handle probation on the outside, or have been sent there as a result of direct violation or revocation of their parole. These centers have strict schedules which include directly supervised work on the outside and programs to aid the probationer in their successful re-entry to the community. If you have added money to their phone account, most times the staff will notify the inmate with a receipt. If you have gotten them the discount phone plan you will need to get that new local number to them directly.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 11,2016

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