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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

What can an inmate do if he continues to have issues with guards that like to write tickets just because they have the authority to do so? Grievances have been filed by numerous inmates with this one particular c/o and sgt. what else is left to do?

Asked: December 10,2014
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If there are many documented cases where one or two COs are receiving the bulk of the complaints you might try and contact the State Administrative Board for them to look into it - but it needs to be done in writing to keep a "paper trail" of your documentation. This is not a sure-fire solution, and in some case might make matters worse. You have to weigh the potential harm complaining might do towards your inmate. Inmates have less credibility than the staff and once they are behind the wall and the property of the State, it can be mentally taxing. Corrections officers are required to document any disturbances among the prisoner population or with a particular inmate, sometimes reporting to a commanding officer about serious issues. Communication skills are important because many potentially troublesome situations can be deflated by calmly explaining the consequences to prisoners. Prisoners who repeatedly break the rules often have certain privileges taken away from them by corrections officers.The powers that be a most likely to take the work of the corrections officers and not the inmate. If they get enough noise from the outside, it might result in the CO getting transferred or reassigned. The other option is for the inmate to apply for a transfer as well. This can be a slippery slope for an inmate, if they can deal with the aggravation we would suggest making as little a problem as possible and get out of there in the shortest possible time. The more the guards are challenged, the longer the inmate's bed will seem.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 11,2014

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