Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My son is at FCI Phoenix and I am going for my first visit this weekend. Can you tell me how the process works? He stated that I should just show up and then CO's will get him. I'm concerned about crowding. Does this prisons visitation area typically fill up early? I am driving over 6 hrs and would hate to be turned away. Any info you can give me would be really helpful. Thank you!

Asked: July 17,2014
Ask the inmate answer
The visitation in federal facilities is very organized and civilized. If you get there, you will get to visit. If he is in the FCI, the supervision is tighter than if he is in the camp. The camp visitation is almost like you're not in a prison. Bring $20 in ones or quarters (for vending machines) in a see-thru bag and nothing else but your car keys and drivers license. Do not wear shorts or any top that shows too much skin. It is nothing like what you see on TV, you will be fine! Enjoy the time with him, he will appreciate it.
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