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What is the average "hole" time given to (federal) inmates for fighting? My fiance was not involved but caught on camera in the vicinity of a fight. Has been in the hole for 9 days as of today and has received no word as to length of stay. Thank you. I am so glad i found this site! I have never dealt with the prison system and am pretty much lost.

Asked: June 17, 2014
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The federal "hole" is known as the SHU (Special Housing Unit). The length of time for administrative segregation is usually determined by a single staff member called the DHO (Disciplinary Hearing Officer). Your inmate will be allowed to have one BOP staff member "vouch" for your inmate's character. The DHO's decision is final. It can be as little as "time served" or as much as 6-12 months depending on the severity of the offense and the information that the others involved provide along with the level of your inmate's informational input. Additional penalties could be loss of telephone time, commissary, visitation or transfer to another facility (change in custody level).
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