Reviewed on: May 28,2016

What is the best plan for short time inmates if I don't want to use the InmateAid $19.95 plan?

My boyfriend just got sent up to Downstate Correctional Facility 2 days ago , & I have not received a call . I want to put money on his commissary but I don't know how to and InmateAID is offering that $19.95 a month plan and I don't want to do that cause he won't be there for long. So what do I do ?

Asked: May 26,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Downstate Correctional Facility is a maximum-security prison in Fishkill, New York. Most inmates sent to this type of facility are there for a "sentence", not a short stay - this is not a holding facility. The phone service there is called GTL ( You have to use them regardless - if your are long distance, the calls will be $6.00 or so. We can get the calls to about $1.65. If you are going to speak with your boyfriend only once a week, you are correct that you do not need us. But, if you are speaking more than that, do the math - this is a great service even short-term. Let us know if you need our help getting started.
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