Reviewed on: January 04,2016

My son was transfered to the Caldwell Correctional Facility in Grayson, La. yesterday morning but I can't find him in the inmate search. Also, will he keep the same inmate number that he had in New Iberia, La.? Need to send him some money for commissary but don't want to send it if he has been transferred again.

Asked: November 05,2015
Ask the inmate answer
If your inmate gets moved at anytime, InmateAid's longtime policy has been to replace phone numbers on active accounts at NO CHARGE, no matter the reason. If your inmate gets transferred, email us the new location and we will have a new number for you, usually within an hour of your request. If the line gets blocked, we replace the number, no questions and no cost.
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 06,2015

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