Reviewed on: July 19,2017

What is the difference between work release and halfway house?

My son was sent to prison April of 2016 and his TDD is Jan 2017. He was recently put on work release, does that mean he is released to a halfway house or does he go to work then have to go back to prison everyday after work ?

Asked: July 31,2016
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Work release is different than the halfway house. Work release is when you live in the prison but take a bus (Mon - Fri) to a remote location where they work with civilians. When their work day is over, they return to the minimum security camp and sleep. The halfway house means "halfway between in prison and being released from prison." The halfway house is when the inmate is released into the community, they will live in the halfway house facility but will largely be free to work on their re-entry into society (getting a job, a place to live, employment, transportation, church and family integration).

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