Reviewed on: February 17,2016

When is it time to walk out on my inmate?

My husband refuses to write or call me while in jail. Since inmates love to receive mail and probably call out, is it safe for me say someone else is writing and talking to him on the phone, and this would be a good time to walk out of his life?

Asked: February 15,2016
Ask the inmate answer
This is a question that is not for us to answer for you. You cannot let the silence convince you of one thing or another. If you confirm it, that is one thing but to break up "thinking it is someone else" might be a mistake. There might be another explanation since the whole prison-thing is about isolation. They might have phone privileges suspended, or he might not have funds to call, or maybe he thinks you are with someone else. We would just caution you to make 100% sure before taking a step that you cannot reverse. You might start by writing him and telling him your feelings.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 16,2016

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