Reviewed on: April 17,2018

When the inmate calls does it take money out of their account when using the phone line with you all?

Asked: April 16,2018
Ask the inmate answer

The inmate continues to use the service at the jail or prison. The inmateAid number makes their service less expensive to use. For instance, Securus, GTL-OffenderConnect, IC Solutions, Paytel, Telmate, Reliance, Combined Public Communications, CityTeleCoin, or any of the other twenty or more companies that have single-contracts with the various facilities - the inmates there must use the single carrier chosen by the facility. And it is easy to see, they are all the same, competing for a contract makes them the only service (monopoly) at the particular jail/prison.

They all have various pricing in place that is inconsistent with what you would expect a phone call to cost. And there is more than one price for a single call, depending on the phone number the inmate dials. There are common examples of calls costing $7.50 to $23.75 per 15-minute call. We get the call to $3.15. Not all pricing is as high, some savings are small but it's depends on how many times you talk to determine if getting an InmateAid number is worthwhile. The average per call savings is between $2.25 and $6.75.

InmateAid knows who charges what price and if we can save you money with a different number than what you have. Currently we charge $19.95 per month for 300 minutes on the line. You estimate the savings per call and multiply the number of calls you make per month. If it's more than $19.95, you are saving, if not you don't need this service. 

Next month, InmateAid will announce that the phone lines will be an incredible $8.95 per line for 1000 minutes. No contract, no sign-up fee, no pigeon poop. 

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