Reviewed on: February 25,2023

When using the phone services through inmate aid, do we get free calls or still have to pay the phone fee just at a cheaper rate?

Asked: February 03, 2023
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAid is not replacing the phone service inside the jail. InmateAid makes the calls cheaper by identifying the carriers and their published rates then applying an algorithm to determine the price of a 15-minute call with their current number or a number that makes the same call less expensive. We can save money on calls in 75% of the cases. For instance, in all federal prisons, a local call is $0.06/minute vs $0.21/minute for long-distance calls. If your inmate uses all 300 minutes, the cost to them is $18. If they call you on a long distance line for the same 300 minutes, the cost to the inmate is $45. InmateAid sells a local line for $5 making this a VERY good idea if you are not local to the prison

Accepted Answer Date Created: February 04,2023

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