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Reviewed on: May 12,2017

When to expect parole after completion of DOC programs

If all programs that are mandated by DOC are completed and the inmate has no misconduct for 16 years or any other situations and the sentence is a 10 to 20 years when should he be paroled. Sentenced in 2001 and still is there.

Asked: December 11,2016
Ask the inmate answer

The parole threshold dates are set by the judge in his Judgment and Commitment Order. If the inmate has already served 80% of their sentence, there were either no parole opportunities offered or they were denied. We know that the states offer 15% good time and if your inmate does indeed have a clean record, he might be within a year of being released to a halfway house. Of course, we are guessing because we do not have the benefit of knowing the entire situation regarding sentencing and stipulations.

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 12,2016

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