Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Who do we talk to for a loved one who is requesting to be moved to the dormitories and they tell him he has to have a certain amount of years in the system but other inmates who have less time have been placed in the dormitory. Also my loved needs to be moved to the dorms because his current cell mate has been making racial comments that has caused him to not feel safe with this person and he has not been in any trouble and trying to stay clean.

Asked: September 08,2015
Ask the inmate answer
We think that some of the logic applied in your question may not apply to your inmate. Our knowledge is that inmates in cells are in a completely different security level (low, medium and high) than inmates who live in dorms. The dormitories are for minimum security inmates with short time sentences, no incident reports and mention of violence in their criminal history. Other inmates that are moved to minimum security probably have other factors that make them eligible for transfer. If your inmate is in conflict with his cellmate then he can go to his counselor and request a move to another cell. Not feeling safe usually does not have much weight in getting staff to do things for them (on that basis alone). 
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