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Reviewed on: June 30,2016

How does the inmates' information get added to inmate aid?

How does the inmates' information get added to inmate aid? Does it get added automatically? or someone (like a family member) needs to input it? I ask because some inmates have release dates on their profiles and others not. Also, because a friend that is incarcerated has 2 profiles with different addresses and I don't know which one is the correct one. Thank you.

Asked: June 29,2016
Ask the inmate answer
All of the inmate information on InmateAid is user-generated content. We do not monitor, update or verify this information. You can create a profile or "follow" someone else's inmate. This happens with some of the more well-known inmates that people write to often. We are happy to do this for you if you give us the information. Once it is active, we will notify you by email. The only information that is strongly suggested is the inmate's ID number and of course the correct facility. Date of birth and release date are not necessary of you do not have it.
Accepted Answer Date Created: June 30,2016

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