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Reviewed on: December 17,2016

Will violent offenders get a chance at early release Prop 47 in California?

Can you asnwer some ?I have about the prop r 47?my husband is in prison got 6 years it was a spousal against me he has to do 85 %of his time, do any violent offenders quaifly for this prop and how do I help him on getting out if so that no

Asked: December 15,2016
Ask the inmate answer

It is our understanding that the early release programs are not qualifying most violent offenders.The law is new and there are no cases to point to, but they define the "violent offender" in the language. An inmate will have to petition the court for a resentencing to even get considered for an early release. The sheer risk of having a violent crime happen by someone released on their watch is not going to get much of a chance with this law. You can always try and see, we are just suggesting that you don't have too high an expectation.

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 16,2016

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