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Subject: Offender phone calls
It really depends on the facility, they all have a separate set of rules. Inmates get a handbook when they are first processed which has all of the rules and regulations. The telephone privileges are in this handbook. If you would like us to try and find out what the particular rules are in your inmate's situation please let us know where they are incarcerated.
Subject: Sending mail inside
In most instances yes, inmates may receive a pen and paper, but they are best served with a little money in their commissary account to buy stamps and envelopes to mail off what they've written.
Subject: Sending mail inside
Depending upon the facility it could vary but the general mail call time is late afternoon.
Subject: Inmate search
You can begin your [search here](http://www.inmateaid.com/inmate-search). Click on the state and then narrow down your choices to the facility type or name listed.
Subject: Offender phone calls
We estimate the letters take 1-3 business days to reach the prison or jail. Once inside the facility, the staff opens each piece and inspects the contents for contraband. Sometimes this process delays the actual delivery to the inmate. Depending upon where your inmate is, it could be as strict as 300 minutes a month or they can have unlimited calling and access. Tell us where your inmate is and we will let you know their policy.
Subject: Prison food
Absolutely. Inmates are fed three meals per day albeit not always the "tastiest". These meals are engineered by a nutritionist that are guided by a minimum standard set for nutritional value and calories.
Subject: Sending mail inside
The cost is $1.59 for the first photo - additional photos are $1.39. In almost all cases, there is no limit to the number of photos allowed (federal and state no limit). If you want to check with us before sending if they are in a county jail, we will let you know if that particular facility has a limit.
Subject: General prison/jail questions
Inmates do not have access to the Internet and thereforewill not see anything that you do on this website. The website does however have all of the services that you would need to keep in contact. The discount telephone service will allow you to receive calls from your inmate for local rates, the letter/photo service will allow you to send clear crisp 4x6 photos from your smartphone or computer. The ones you keep promising to send. You can send books,...
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Subject: Halfway house
what is his name, we will check on his whereabouts? once in the halfway house, they have a lot more freedom to call and communicate. they are encouraged to get a job and get re-entered into society. let us know and we will help you.
Subject: Commissary
Western Union only services about half of the facilities in the US. If the facility that your are looking for is not in their drop-down menu then they do not. InmateAid can get you a money order and deliver it to the facility on your behalf where Western Union cannot.