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Subject: Relationship issues
If you are referring to YOU having sex with an inmate, that is not going to happen as there are no prisons that have conjugal visits any longer. BUT, it can happen - I was in a federal camp and there were two or three guys that had some arrangement with the guards that gave them a broom closet to have sex in the middle of visitation. If I didn't see it myself I would have doubted the story. I also...
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Subject: Parole & probation
If he violated probation there won't be a bond, he'll have to wait to appear before the judge that issued the warrant.
Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes, Telmate (gettingout.com) is the carrier at the Winston County Jail. We can get the calls to $3.00 for 15-minutes. If you are paying more per call than that, it's time to start saving money. Call or email and we'll help you get set up. 
Subject: Survive prison
That is the essence of what InmateAid is all about. The site has everything that you can do for your inmate. We've made it a one-stop-shop for all that you can do. Look for new pricing on phones, magazines, greeting cards, high-quality photos, books, comic books, puzzles, Reader's Digest, etc. You can send your thoughts and feelings to your inmate right from your phone.
Subject: Website function questions
Not unless they have an illegally hidden smartphone inside. The site is not in communication with the inmates.
Subject: Sentencing questions
You can find this information from the Clerk of Court in the county where the case was filed. All of the pertinent documents are available, probably for a small fee to print the pages you want.
Subject: Visitation
No, they will do their own background check off of the information provided on the application. If you have a felony conviction, you will need special permission from the supervisor.
Subject: Survive prison
No, smoking has been banned in pretty much at every prison, jail and detention center - for several years. That does not mean there is no smoking. Inmates have somehow figured out a way to get tobacco products inside. There is a huge black market business thriving if you want to smoke and have the wherewithal.
Subject: Relationship issues
We would say that 1/3 to 1/2 have engaged in some sex with other inmates, but less than 5% that would have it with the guards (that is a felony where the guard becomes an inmate)
Subject: Visitation
No, the rules prohibit a former inmate from visiting other inmates. The only time that might be allowed is if you are related, and not a part of the crime that incarcerated your friend. Even then, you will need written permission from the warden.