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Subject: Commissary
I absolutely think it is a good thing AND i think the items are fairly priced. I do feel that indigent inmates should be given a weekly stipend if they have no sourcce of outside funds so that there is no perceived gap between the haves and the have nots. Jealousy could create an incident but that is the only downside I see.
Subject: Post conviction - appeals
The follow up for an appellate remand is normally a few weeks to 3-4 months. It depends on the prosecutor's office to set the pace based on their caseload.
Subject: Sentencing questions
There are a few considerations that must be factored in this because it is possible that a drug program might be substituted for incarceration. Marijuana is becoming more and more a minor offense, the part that is troubling is the 3rd cocaine charge... what the quantity/street value and that might give you an idea of what she is facing. If previous charges are heavily considered, she might have to so some time
Subject: Medical treatment
Yes, All of the ASPC facilities provide adequate dental care for all inmates. This is basic dental work, nothing that requires a specialist. For instance, in federal, the dentist would pull a bad tooth before trying to save it with a filling. I'm sure that is not the norm but this is what i witnessed.
Subject: Parole & probation
This has everything to do with his record while incarcerated and how well his interview goes. There are no ways to estimate how the outcome will turn out, but if he's been a model inmate and followed all the programming recommendations then he has the best possible chance at a successful result. 
Subject: Parole & probation
Restitution means paying back the money that was "lost during the commission of the crime". If the restitution is $6,000, it sounds like she is getting a VERY good deal to avoid doing more time. Her PO seems like a reasonable, decent person. Most POs show zero tolerance for violators. We strongly recommend taking this offer and doing whatever she can to paying the fee and then keep her nose clean.
Subject: Sentencing questions
Sex crimes have some narrow classifications and none are designed to have much wiggle room for the offender. Federal sentences (and we are guessing this was a crime prosecuted by US Department of Justice) have no possibility for parole in any case. This has nothing to do with the crime, its the same for all federal inmates. 
Subject: Relationship issues
No, unfortunately, there are very few prisons that allow for conjugal visits anymore.
Subject: Offender phone calls
The different number is the "special sauce" that makes the calls cheaper. InmateAid's computer algorithm determines the best price based upon the rate calculator on the phone carrier's website. Sometimes the best is a local number, other times it's a completely different state altogether. We don't make the rules, we use their rules to make your money last a lot longer.
Subject: Inmate search
When the release date says, "Unknown", it could mean a few different things. One, that the calculation on their sentence has not been put in the system; two that the inmate has cooperated with the government and is awaiting the sentence reduction; three that they have RDAP and the adjustment has not been done yet; four that they have a detainer and are awaiting additional charges to be added and then determined.