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Value Added Communications - VAC (GTL)

Value Added Communications - VAC (now GTL) charges $15 per call or MORE for a long-distance call from the jail. You are reading this because you are looking for a better way to stay in touch.

InmateAid does NOT replace the GTL service; it just makes the calls through them cheaper by making the call LOCAL. You will have to place funds in GTL or your inmate's commissary account for the line we give you to work.

We have two plans, both cost you $19.95. Month to month, you get 300 minutes per month. If you pay quarterly, you get 1000 minutes per month. Additional lines are only $12.95 per month and you get the same amount of minutes.

COST COMPARISON - Why this makes sense...

15 minutes long-distance call is $17.30

15 minutes LOCAL call is $2.30

Get an InmateAid LOCAL line for $19.95

300 long-distance mins (20 calls) costs you $346 a month

300 local mins with InmateAid costs $46 + $19.95 = $65.95

YOU SAVE $280.05 per month; $3,360.60 per YEAR

Read this telling article about the "Criminal Cost of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars".

Here is how GTL works. We get you the number and THEN you sign up with GTL. You call the prison or jail staff with the new number we give you. The staff will give your inmate the NEW number. You can add money from time to time and your inmate may call freely.

Here is the contact information for VAC or GTL:

Effective August 1, 2011, Global Tel*Link (GTL) acquired Value-Added Communications, Inc. (VAC). Current VAC customers should continue to use the same payment channels they use today. Customer service inquiries should still contact representatives at 800-786-8521 or click here: www.myvconnect.com. Current GTL customers should continue to operate without any changes. Los Angeles County Customers, please click here for additional information.