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Iowa Prison and Jail Directory

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Adair County IA Jail Adair County, Iowa
Greenfield, IA
Adams County IA Jail Adams County, Iowa
Corning, IA
Allamakee County Jail Allamakee County, Iowa
Waukon, IA
Appanoose County Jail Appanoose County, Iowa
Centerville, IA
Audubon County Jail Audubon County, Iowa
Audubon, IA
Benton County IA Jail Benton County, Iowa
Vinton, IA
Black Hawk County Jail Black Hawk County, Iowa
Waterloo, IA
Boone County IA Jail Boone County, Iowa
Boone, IA
Bremer County Jail Bremer County, Iowa
Waverly, IA
Buchanan County IA Correctional Facility Buchanan County, Iowa
Independence, IA
Buena Vista County IA Jail Buena Vista County, Iowa
Storm Lake, IA
Butler County IA Jail Butler County, Iowa
Allison, IA
Calhoun County IA Jail Calhoun County, Iowa
Rockwell City, IA
Carroll County IA Jail Carroll County, Iowa
Carroll, IA
Cass County IA Jail Cass County, Iowa
Atlantic, IA
Cedar County IA Jail Cedar County, Iowa
Tipton, IA
Cerro Gordo County Jail Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Mason City, IA
Cherokee County IA Jail Cherokee County, Iowa
Cherokee, IA
Chickasaw County Jail Chickasaw County, Iowa
New Hampton, IA
Clarke County IA Jail Clarke County, Iowa
Osceola, IA
Clay County IA Jail Clay County, Iowa
Spencer, IA
Clayton County IA Jail Clayton County, Iowa
St. Olaf, IA
Clinton County IA Jail Clinton County, Iowa
Clinton, IA
Crawford County IA Jail Crawford County, Iowa
Denison, IA
Dallas County IA Jail Dallas County, Iowa
Adel, IA
Davis County IA Jail Davis County, Iowa
Bloomfield, IA
Decatur County IA Jail Decatur County, Iowa
Leon, IA
Delaware County IA Jail Delaware County, Iowa
Manchester, IA
Des Moines County Correctional Center Des Moines County, Iowa
Burlington, IA
Dickinson County IA Jail Dickinson County, Iowa
Spirit Lake, IA
Dubuque County Jail Dubuque County, Iowa
Dubuque, IA
Emmet County IA Jail Emmet County, Iowa
Esterville, IA
Fayette County IA Jail Fayette County, Iowa
West Union, IA
Floyd County IA Jail Floyd County, Iowa
Charles City, IA
Franklin County IA Law Enforcement Center Franklin County, Iowa
Hampton, IA
Fremont County IA Jail Fremont County, Iowa
Sidney, IA
Greene County IA Jail Greene County, Iowa
Jefferson City, IA
Grundy County IA Jail Grundy County, Iowa
Grundy Center, IA
Guthrie County Jail Guthrie County, Iowa
Guthrie Center, IA
Hamilton County IA Jail Hamilton County, Iowa
Webster City, IA
Hancock County IA Jail Hancock County, Iowa
Garner, IA
Hardin County IA Correctional Center (ICE) Hardin County, Iowa
Eldora, IA
Harrison County IA Jail Harrison County, Iowa
Logansport, IA
Henry County IA Jail Henry County, Iowa
Mt. Pleasant, IA
Howard County IA Jail Howard County, Iowa
Cresco, IA
Humboldt County IA Jail Humboldt County, Iowa
Humboldt, IA
Ida County Jail Ida County, Iowa
Ida Grove, IA
Iowa County IA Jail Iowa County, Iowa
Marengo, IA
Jackson County IA Jail Jackson County, Iowa
Maquoketa, IA
Jasper County IA Jail Jasper County, Iowa
Newton, IA