Reviewed on: April 17,2016

Are and InmateAid legit?

Hi i had two questions one regarding and one regarding InmateAid. I have a friend in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center in Va, I recently added money to his trust fund on Offender Connect and it is supposed to be used for commissary. Is this legit or should I send an old school money order? Also is InmateAid legit? I sent my friend in the Loudoun County ADC a letter with four picture attached. Will he receive it? Or did I waste my time and money and need to send a hand written letter via the US mail? Thanks for your time!

Asked: April 16,2015
Ask the inmate answer
You are good on all fronts. The money will make it, the mail will make it by InmateAid or by your own hand. There is still going to be delays as the mail staff opens and inspects all of the incoming mail.
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 17,2015

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